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Puffing Poisons Chemistry Set

Product size: 68 x 42cm     Order code: M46

Puffing Poisons Chemistry Set

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Puffing Poisons Chemistry Set Puffing Poisons Chemistry Set

This is a ‘chemistry set’ with a difference! It represents the most dangerous and poisonous chemicals present in tobacco smoke. It contains a set of 23 labelled jars each containing relevant objects, liquids, and gases to represent the 4000 deadly chemicals. These include wax (stearic acid), flies (DDT), battery (cadmium), acetone (nail varnish), formaldehyde (preserved creature), sewer rat (methane). Includes an A4 ‘Puffing Poisons’ poster and a stunning display board with shelves to show off items to maximum effect.

(Size 68 x 42cm)

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