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Wie is de sigaar wanneer U rookt?
An international campaign focused on the victims of smoking. Their goal is to prevent secondhand smoking in- and outside and child slavery on tobacco fields

How being Pregnant Impacts Your Diet and Nutrition
Being pregnant is a big deal, and itís a time when women need to do all that they can to access premium nutrition.

Blood Alcohol Level Calculator
Website providing a Blood Alcohol Level Calculator which can help you determine the likely level of alcohol in your bloodstream. (USA based website)

Smoking In England
This website provides up-to-date information on smoking and smoking cessation in England. The main data source is the Smoking Toolkit Study: a monthly series of national household surveys with smokers and recent ex-smokers being followed up for 6 months

Plain Packs
Every year, another 340,000 children in the UK are tempted to try smoking. And evidence suggests that they are more likely to be attracted by designed tobacco packs, than by plain packs.

We are D-MYST The Agency, a smokefree group led by the young people of Liverpool.

Our aim is to get smoking out of pre-watershed programmes such as Coronation Street, Eastenders and The Simpsons. We believe that this could help prevent young people from starting to smoke.

Quit Full Stop
Supporting your quit smoking efforts every step of the way, QuitFullStop is an online information portal specialising in smoking cessation.

QuitFullStop provides straightforward, constructive information about quit tools, tips and treatments for first-time quitters and those who are trying again

ASH Scotland
ASH Scotland is the leading charity campaigning for effective tobacco control legislation in Scotland. For over 30 years, ASH Scotland has played a key role in raising awareness about tobacco use and its harmful effects and has contributed to the implementation of effective public health policies to help smokers to quit and to protect children from tobacco.

We Quit
WeQuit is brought to you by No Smoking Day, the charity behind the leading health campaign for smokers who want to stop. The WeQuit microsite has information and advice for smokers who want to quit.

ASH Wales
ASH Wales was established in 1976 and is the leading voluntary organisation in Wales tackling tobacco use. Our main aim is to achieve a reduction in and eventual elimination of the health problems associated with tobacco use.

APRILģ Age Progression Software is a unique computer program that creates a stream of images of a person's face as it changes with age, also known as a Smoking Simulation Software. Health and lifestyle effects such as smoking, sun exposure and obesity can also be applied. For example you can illustrate the differences of someone who smokes vs. a non-smoker and allows you the ability to compare and save the results, displaying a progression of aging.

MIND - for better mental health
Mind helps people take control of their mental health. They do this by providing high-quality information and advice, and campaigning to promote and protect good mental health for everyone including advice and help on quitting smoking.

Fresh North East
The North-East has the highest smoking rates in the country, killing around 5,500 people every year. Fresh Smoke Free North East - a dedicated tobacco control office, was set up in May 2005 to work together with other key local, regional and national activity designed to reduce smoking levels and help the 70 per cent of smokers who would like to quit.

Pollution Issues
PollutionIssues is a website which offers a unique reference point on what causes pollution and how to deal with it..

Questionnaire about the feelings associated with smoking and stopping smoking
An anonymous short survey which will help us to devise better programs for helping smokers to quit

has many fact sheets about smoking and health. It also has links to a wide range of smoking and health websites around the world.

Survey of women smokers
A short survey which will help in the design of stop smoking programs for women.

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