Helping quitters stub out smoking

You’re about to take part in the 34th No Smoking Day. Each year, thousands of smokers choose this as the day they start to stop, proudly turning their backs on a life without cigarettes.
The first No Smoking Day was in 1983. Back then there were millions more smokers in the UK than there are today, so something’s going right. But as you will know, there’s still some way to go before we are free from smoking completely.

Smoking rates may be declining but around 10 million people in the UK still smoke, and around 100,000 die each year from smoking-related causes. That’s 100,000 deaths too many.
Budgets may be stretched in the public health environment, but we are here to help. The fact remains, No Smoking Day is one of the most cost effective health interventions of its kind, and its success depends on you. We are calling upon your support to help us reach more smokers than ever, encouraging them to stub out their last cigarette for good.


Preparation is key when it comes to quitting smoking – and setting a quit day is a great first step.  No Smoking Day has been that date for hundreds of thousands of people over the years, and we want March 8th 2017 to be the day for thousands more.  We also know that support from professionals, friends and family has a massive impact on quitting for good.  So now is the time for you to get Ready and Steady to help them Stop!

Proud to be a quitter

In life we’re told never to give up, to keep going – but when it comes to smoking, being a ‘Quitter’ is a good thing. Our campaign, presents quitting smoking as something to be proud of, and ‘Quitters’ as people to be admired.

Never quit on a quitter

We know that stopping smoking isn’t an easy challenge, and that many smokers will have tried previously. No Smoking Day is a time when smokers who are planning to quit can feel solidarity and gain your support in their attempts to quit for good. We want No Smoking Day to be the day they start to stop.

How to help

Whether you work in stop smoking services, wider healthcare, education or you’d just like to help smokers quit at your workplace, we can help you get ready and steady to help people to stop.
We can provide you with everything you need to create an engaging and inspiring event to help support the campaign. What about also arranging talks from healthcare experts and Proud Quitters, or maybe even take the campaign to the streets to reach as many people as possible. If you’ve not already done so, sign up to our mailing list and we will send you regular updates.



A successful campaign needs a thought out strategy, so we’ve put together a starter-for-ten guide to help you set things in motion.

For schools and colleges For healthcare practitioners For employers and managers
  •  Image-conscious pupils might respond best to the fact that smoking causes premature aging.
  • Sports-loving pupils may react to how smoking weakens lung capacity and therefore sporting prowess.
  • List the things current smokers could be spending their money on instead.
  • Set poster designing competitions.
  • Get Science teachers to talk about exactly what’s in a cigarette, its effects and the diseases that smoking can cause.
  •  Ask patients if they smoke and if they’d like help quitting.
  • Explain the services and support to offer to help smokers quit.
  • Get your posters up before the day itself so people know No Smoking Day is coming.
  • Create a display in your waiting area where patients have time to browse and absorb information.
  •  Get a team together to organise a lunch time event.
  • Give out t-shirts and other branded merchandise.
  • Set competitions with incentives and prizes for those who pledge to successfully quit.
Click here for more info on event planning and merchandise
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