One hour of exercise per day


Lancet study shows that just one hour of exercise can ‘offset’ the sedentary office job.

In the build up to the Olympics the Lancet was asked to analyse the data of over 1 million people to better understand the effects of physical activity. The research showed that the cost of being inactive is estimated to be $67.5bn per year. …to read the rest of this article click here »

No fines handed out for parents smoking in cars with children


Despite legislation being introduced in 2015 no one has yet been handed a fine.

Since October 2015 it is a finable offence to smoke whilst driving in a car with a passenger under the age of 18. But only three police forces have reported incidents of this taking place, and on each occasion no fines have been given. …to read the rest of this article click here »

Sugar intake must be less than 7 teaspoons a day.

A new report states that the sugar intake for adults and children older than 11 must be lower than 7 teaspoons (or 30g) a day. That’s less than the 39g of sugar found in a can of Coca-Cola. Experts state that added sugar – or free sugar – should not be more than 5% of our daily calorie intake, but most people currently consume over double that. …to read the rest of this article click here »

New icons for healthy living


A new article on the BBC website from Shirley Cramer (chief executive of the Royal Society for Public Health) is promoting the use of a simple icon on food packaging to help promote healthier living. She says that a simple icon to show how much running or walking is needed to burn of the calories in the food would help people understand what affect the food is having on them. …to read the rest of this article click here »